Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gruntz Cards for Federal Army Armored core Force

Here are the cards for my Federal Army.  I play with modified Squad sizes between 4 & 10 Troops including Squad Attachments.  In addition all the Gruntz Specialist Weapons Teams must be attached to Gruntz Squads or form squads of there own of 2 to 4 weapons teams.The stats are very High as they are Elite troops augmented by  Technology.  The core force is 1350 point.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

House Rules for Large Engagements Using Gruntz 1.1

I myself got into 15mm so I could play Games on a Larger Tactical Level & be able to use Combined Arm Forces without it being Silly as it is in most 28mm Games. I Have Been Playing Tactical Engagement using a Minimum of a Full Platoon + associated Support Units & have started playing Games with Multiple Platoons & even in some cases going above the Company Level with some Forces. I always attempt to keep Forces Involved in the Game Balanced but  the Points are Secondary.  I prefer to play Narrative Story Driven Scenarios. I find it more challenging & fun to use Full TO&E's for the Forces Involved. Gruntz & Gruntz 1.1 have been a Really Good Rules System for this Size Tactical Engagements & only Required a few Small Tweaks to Make the Rules Work for Tactical Engagements of Platoon & Company Level in the Game. I Play with the following Modifications to the Core Rules to allow Larger Games of Gruntz.& Gruntz 1.1 .

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Federal Army Armored Planetary Assault Force (core)

 I have finished up most of the core units for My Federal Army Armored Planetary Assault Force.  It contains 2 Heavy Tanks, 2 Heavy Missile Tanks Painted but still have to build the Missile Turrets, 5 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicles to transport  2 x 5 Man Recon Teams 4 Riflemen & 1 SAW gunner, 3 x 4 man Assault Teams 2 Riflemen & 2 SAW gunner, 3 Fire Support Teams 4 Riflemen & a 2 Man Heavy Machine Gun, 3 Tank Hunter Teams  3 Riflemen, 1 SAW gunner, & a 2 Man Portable Missile Launcher Team & will Contain 4 Command Figures only 1 Shown.  I Still Have 1 Heavy Tank, 1 Heavy Missile Tank, 1 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle for the core force to be finished & 6 Scout Walked & 4 Super Heavy Power Armor models to complete the entire force.

Objective Markers

I put together a couple of Objective Markers for my Games.  They are Just Supply Drops or caches.  I did them Generic so they can be used by most forces. I used Rocco crates & jerrycans, a couple of pieces from a set of WW2 supplies I purchased a while ago & some home made Barrels & Tarps to partially conceal the supplies.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hobby Update for 2013

I Currently have (10) Force that are In Progress at one stage or another, The Factions represented by them are listed bellow.  I will be reworking some of the Color Schemes or adding Additional Optional Schemes to some forces.  In addition I plan to Update Some of the TO&E's & Backgrounds once I get to each Faction.  My Goal is to rework all My Factions into 1 Cohesive Background, Forming a Consistent Core for a Complete Science Fiction Setting while leaving enough freedom to allow additional Data to be added Easily.