Thursday, July 24, 2014

Felid Empire

One of the first alien races I Purchased was the Felid, once I got them I faced a deli ma.  I could not find any vehicles that felt right to me & this became a pattern with my other alien forces.  I feel that all Aliens should have a Style of Equipment & Vehicles that is distinctly not Human.  In the Months that followed I saw a few Vehicles that Would work for alien races but nothing really grabbed me as usually it is 1 or 2 vehicles if you are lucky with the same Style.  Finally I found 2 Different Sizes of the AAT from Star Wars at a low Price & easily Available on E-Bay, Next I Picked up 2 Large Skiffs From Return of the Jedi for their Large Transports. 

In addition to the vehicles I decided to paint them in pattern using colors that are not typical for camouflage.  The colors are representing their visual spectrum, which is different than the human norm.  I used a mixtures of Blues with Ink washes & it turned out to be a good scheme.

 The Starting Force is Small 30 Felids 2 Medium Tanks, 1 Heavy Tank, 3 Heavy Power Armor & 1 Transport. I have been Playing Smaller Games Lately Due to Time Constraints So the rest of the army has been put on hold for the time being.

Sorry about the long absence from posting