Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trans-Human Legeon

The Trans-Human Legions once were the Protectors of a Vast Terran Empire which attempted to Unite Humanity.  In the Name of Mankind they waged a War of Conquest & Genocide attempting to Exterminate all other forms of sentient Life.  Each Legionary was Genetically Altered to create Titan of Battle, towering. over lesser men.  Standard Equipment Power Armor, Heavy Pistols, Powered Combat Blades,  Heavy Rifles, Plasma Charges ( anti-tank Bombs ), in Addition to Heavier Weapons with a Anti-grav displacer.   When the Empire finally fell it was Many of  The Legions War-Lords turning on Each other & The Emperor was Slain & His Praetorian (Loyal Legions & adviser ) Scattered forming Smaller Protectorates.  The Traitor Legions have Become Raiders & Dictators of Many Scatter Systems.

The Legionnaires Trans-human bodies are superior to those mortal forms that nature devised. Trans-Human Scientist had managed to crack the genetic quandaries around the perfect replication and improvement of the human form. No longer would they suffer Humanities genetic flaws. Legionnaires physical augmentations & improvement including Heritable nanite clusters, genetic alterations, and somatic chemical cues are all used to build bodies that are entirely organic, yet more than mortal flesh could ordinarily allow, genetically hardwired interface between a mind and the Body, giving vastly superior performance that is obtained at the cost of increasing Alienation. Creating Legions of humanoid tailored to Combat. That Always includes the following augmentations: Major Boosted Strength, Dexterity, Altered Reactions, Lightning Reactions, Fleet, Augmented Agility Hardened Carapace (Body Armor), Bio-Weaponry, and Stabilized Systems. it includes Self-Sustaining Systems, including Environmental Adaptation/Space, Regeneration and Full-Immunity augmentation. A few add an additional point of augmentation at the cost of Alienation. Equipped with advanced technology including monomolecular Blades ,Mag Rifle, Pistols, Full Power Armor. 

 The first of my Trans Humans are Forces will be doing a few more small forces.