Thursday, August 2, 2012

Upgraded Shiva MBT

 This is a new card for The Shiva MBT with some upgrades to the Tank.  The Shiva run a whopping 100 points by itself now.  the old version only ran 85 points.  The Back Ground has not changed.  I believe this is tthe biggest Tank in my collection & I have 4 of them forr my Venusians, Only have 3 of them painted. 

Only Had to Take 2 Pictures o get the new immage for the card,  I'm getting better using a Digital Camera Every Day.  I will be Painting up New Venusians soon.  I was not pleased with the First Batch nothing wrong with them Just they are the First Figures I Painted After a 5+ Years Away from the Compleately Away From the Hobby  (war gaming).