Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Building Runes

These are some of the models I have been working on for my War Torn City Hell terrain.  Some of them may seem a bit large but I am trying to go closer to true scale with this terrain.  Yes I Know it is not possible to do a  hole city true scale .   I also Know I do not have enough ruble made at this time but it on the list after finishing all the building ruins.

The Store is closed.  This building is a bombed out Small Department Store or Strip Mall with Apartments above the store.  It feature over sized windows & had 2 stories of apartments above the stores.

Home sweet Ruins.  These are ruins that can be combined to form the majority of Apartment Buildings & small Office Building.  They vary greatly in size to give a vary chaotic look to the city.

 More Pics Following in post

Khurasan Neo-arabs are to show Building Scale.  Basic Building is from Proxie Models just cut up to make the Ruins.