Thursday, September 27, 2012

Can't See The Forest For The Trees

 I recently decided that I needed to get some terrain that was no in an urban setting for my personal collection my gaming group out in the East bay has lots of terrain that we use when we game over there.  But all the terrain I had made or purchased lately was urban or urban war zone. So I decided to purchase some trees & make some hill pieces so My friend I am teaching to Game here in the city & I could have some more variety in our Battle Field for our game.  These Picture are of the Trees that have come in from China & the few Hills That Have Been Finished.  At this Time I have 2 Huge Hill that Measure Approximately Length12" & A Width of  About 6", I have 2 Large Hill that measure in at around 8 1/2" by 6"
 &7 1/2" by 6".   2 Medium Hills Both are  Measuring in at around 6" by 5 3/4",  & 2 small 1 around 2 3/4" by 6" & 1  4 1/2" by 6.   Thats 8 Hills of various sizes Each one being a unique model no 2 are the Same A couple Tall Couple short& the rest in between.

The real cost of the terrain are the trees that I picked up on eBay. I purchased a total of the hundred and 43 trees ranging in height six centimeters all the way up to 12 cmwith the averages please being 6.5 cm,  9 cm and 10 cm. Additionally I purchased various types of trees to give my foresta variety of species and colorsthe picture only shows the first 45 or 50 of these trees. Since I took it I've received another 30 or so trees and am waiting for the rest to arrive. I mount the trees on standard poker chips as they came across a few hundred of them a very reasonable price. Most the trees are mount to to a base as mounting them individuallyndid not look convincing.  the picture is of the three-foot by 18 inch every of my workbench covered with eight Phillips and approximately 50 trees.  Half these pictures if not more of just the trees and hills. I added some figures is in the photo shoot to give a sense of scale.

After I received more of my trees all set up my skirmish table and take some pictures of the hills and trees with infantry and possibly vehicles for scale on one of my gaming mats so you will not see the cardboard that covers my picture.

The total cost for all my trees plus the materials to mount and talk the hills back under under $120 US.  the delivery time for the trees that have received has been excellent the first trees arrived in under seven days coming from China to San Francisco California.  they arrived quicker about quarter of my orders come from the United States and faster than any of the orders I placed coming from Europe or the United Kingdom off eBay.  not all the sellers give you tracking numbers but I believe all except one of my orders of trees has been given a tracking number..

The trees I have receipts have been high-quality nice-looking scale model tree.  after I received the rest of my orders I should be able to the board together approximately 6' x 4' with most the board covered in light forests with a few patches of heavy forest the recently impassable terrain for vehicles.

I so love the materials to build probably another 10 to 12 hills of various sizes the limiting factor with ideals they mount them on 1' x 6" sheets of plastic card. Or for the smaller hills and cutting them shorter in making at least to those I have each board if I'm not doingif you chills this project is and has been one of the shorter time duration projects I've set up and will give me a lot more variety of terrain to choose from. I will being back to the two buildings in ruins for the city probably in two weeks,but I need a break from urban terrain so I went to the classic forests and hills..