Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Goodies From e Bay

More of my loot from e Bay First of a size comparison Will be done with Khurasan Neo-Arabs or Eurika Sci Fi German Storm Troops.

These are 1/144th Models from F-Toys.  But they will work just fine with 15mm figures as Medium or Heavy Vehicles.  The Tank is going to my Khurasan Felids & the Walker I' not Quite sure ho gets it yet..  They only ran me $11.50 For the Tank & 12.50 for the Walker U.S. including shipping.

This is what I could Salvage out of 3 pounds of Military Vehicles that I won in an auction.  Not sure about the Plastic tanks in the long run but as temporary stand ins they will work after all there are 5 of one type & 3 of another.  Not bad for $25 or $30 U.S,

I got 6 Zylmex M551 Sheridan tanks & 3 Zylmex ultimate M60 A1 tanks.  These are DIECAST models & I got all 9 for around $30 US.