Thursday, September 6, 2012

City Fighting Current Terrain in Progress

Here are some pictures of the current terrain Project I am working on it will be a large Area of a Small city that has been heavily shelled & bombed for day or weeks.  I am building this City to represent the city of Over-Watch which is on the edge of the Terran Colonial Empire which has been used as a major staging point for the last 80 years for multiple incursion into neighboring systems in an attempt to conquer them. Details on this campaign will be forth coming in the next few months.

First of this is a factory that is still in the first stages of being put together & still has a lot ow work to be done.  Currently I have only done the external facade of the factory when I get done it will include a fairly detailed control room & automated machinery as well as a top level vehicle storage facility, fully detailed doors from combat Wombat & Proxy models rolling doors that have been increased in both hieght & width to allow access of Mech & Vehicle unitd & 2 sets of  doors for the loading docks.

Here are most of the building I have gotten built for this Campaign  in variouse stages of progress I am planning out a Single fully intact Appartment Building with 4 floor & these are some of the pieces that will go into it.

More Pictures of the Factory in Progress

The Factory is being built out of 2 desk in/out boxes with 1 or 2 additional Desk in/out box to be added to the Factory in the final plans for the building.  The rubble is a Mix of Kitty Litter i got from the dollar store, parts of wooden Skewer Sticks, Pieces left over from used hobby stick from this & a couple other projects, some of the left overs from the clean up of my model (Yes Waist Not Want Not)with a small amount of my Flock for basing added in to add some color to the rubble.  I am planning to add some Sand & cut up some Sprew from some Vehicle Models that haven't been assembled yet.

Picture of the Rest of the Building & Ruble

I am using Khurasan Neo-Arabs Old Crow Light/Medium Tanks & Point of Contact M3 Half Track for scale comparison with the buildings & Ruble.


First these are some of the pieces from Proxie Models that I am working on for making an intact building.  Which I have cut to place the windows slightly higher on th wall.  This should also allow me to make this multi-story Building easier to use as Each floor will be a separate piece so you can place models each floor in the building  with ease.  As each floor is a separate Piece this gives the option of changing the number of floors the building has, Giving me the option to use  it as different  buildings depending on the situations.  You can also see the rolling doors that have been Scaled for Mech & vEhicle units for the Factory.

 Here are some of the Bits I am using in the Factory Project.