Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Armed Frieghter

I finally got around to painting my Micro Machine Action fleet Falcon.  Just wanted to share some Pics of it with some 15mm from Eurika for Scale.   I Plan to use it primarily for Terrain, but have also done up a Card Just for fun.

Pics of the Infiltrator (Armed) Light Frieter.   The Perfect Gift for your annoying Neighbors.

Perfect for sneaking in your Specialist Units without Major Complications & Retrieval when thier Assignment has been completed.   IF trouble does arise it packs Enough Weapons & Armor in addition to Troops & Vehicles to Complete most Missions without outside assistance.  Additionally as a Fully Functional Light Freighter With Long Range Star Drives it can be deployed without Sending Any standard warships.

Partial Compliment Bellow  15mm figures  for scale

Cards Options

This is an Assault Super Heavy Air Support Vehicle Possibly Even Larger.  Card

More Pictures of the Infiltrator with troops for scale