Friday, October 31, 2014

House Rules fo Gruntz Modified Weapon Stats

Fleshing out Gruntz V 1.1

Gruntz is a good set of war-game rules, but I desire more Detailed Options for Specific weapons. I have been using Modifications to the basic weapons for a while to add greater detail to each of the Factions. I have also experimented with removing Most equipment based Perkz & am reworked the  equipment to be added to the Units Combat Load.  Additionally to adding some Perkz based on Specialization & Combat training.

Each base Weapon's Stats may be modified in a number of way. I Primarily use an expanded weapons chart. The base Weapons Types are Projectile, Light Energy,& Concentrated Energy In Addition to these Some weapons have Variable Munition (Additional Grenade & Missiles Ordinance). Each Type of weapon has a Number of Subcategories which can affect the combat effectiveness of the weapon. I have attempted to Maintain a balance by using Enhancements & Flaws (Detrimental Effects) or Limittations to most Weapons. Bellow is a list of options to create new weapons.  Later I will Post My Specific Weapons Classes.

1)Armor Piercing /Light munition: = + or - 1 AP

2) Accurate/Limited Effective Range =  + or - 2 inches.

3) Heavy /Light  = + or - 1 Damage

4) Assault : Auto-Fire
5) Scatter = 4, 6 or 8 inch Teardrop template

6)Burst Munitions = Area Effect 2"to 4" & has a minimum range of 3"to  6" Prior to Arming

7) Auxiliary Weapons: Secondary Weapon Mounted To Side or Bottom of Primary Weapon May be fired Along with Primary Weapon -1 to shoot Skill.   May only Fire Every other Turn.

8) Deploy-able Weapon: 1 Action to deploy or limber Weapon.  Weapon May be  1 Class Heavier

9) Disposable weapon: Limited shot Weapon.

10) Targetter / Scope: improved Aiming bonus +1.

11) Incendiary Weapon: Catch fire (Still in Play testing)

12) incremental deterioration Over distance -1 Dam/AP/or -2 To Hit Per 1/2 Base Range.

13) Poor Cover pen target in cover get +1. Guard &+1 soak.

14) Slow Loading Must use an action to load. Before you may fire a weapon.

15) Sweep = Autofire for close combat weapons

Revised House Rules Soon
Fire Rules will be Added Soon