Thursday, November 15, 2012

Comparison Pictures for Star Craft Part 3 of 4

Comparison 3 will be dealing with the Terran Marines.  I will upload more detailed pics later just wanted to make sure to get the Terran Marine forces up as quickly as possible to allow a basic sense of Scale.  This is another Pic Heavy Post.  With the Terran Marines I finished with a couple of comparison pictures for the figures from the Star Craft Board Game & Risk Game.  But the first thing I did was take Multiple large scale Pictures of them with the same 15mm Figures from before in case some one didn't check the first two posts they are Eurika Miniatures Venusians & SF German Storm Troops; Khurasan Federal Infantry, Red Faction Including Power Armor-Robot vehicle, Neo-Arabs, Control Battalion, Felids & Gorn; Rebel Minies Pan Galactic Legion; Astro Miniatures Sybots: Blue Moon Velium Skirmishers as these are the forces I had easily accessible.

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I will be replacing these pics later.