Thursday, November 1, 2012

Non Humans Have Arrived

I have finally got some Vehicles for my Alien Races.  I have an Idea that the Vehicles of Each Race Should be distinct.  So few Manufacturers have made vehicles that break from the mold of what we think a Tank should be like & I finally picked up 12 AAT tanks from Star Wars episode one the Phantom Menace. 8 of these are actually F-Toy 1/144 scale models but there are larger to be used as a medium tanks & 4 are Die Cast Toys  that are going to be used as heavy tanks for the Felids from Khuasan miniatures.  Additionally I picked up the new Legion models from Rebel Miniatures and already have vehicles for them, they are being equipped with walkers as their primary vehicles.  The walkers are old models from Takara & Bandai that were made in the 1980s & I was lucky enough to win four auctions on eBay getting 2 Takara Dougram 1/144 Dessert Gunner Walkers in addition to 3 Takara Dougram 1/144 Grab Gunner Walkers All in Die Cast.  I got 2 Smaller Grab Gunners which I will use as Scouts these are Plastic /Rubber & 7 Zentradi Battle Pods including a Officers Pod.   I also picked up 2 more copies of the Star Craft Board Game & 1 Copy of Star Craft Risk to complete my Zerg Army & will be putting together a Protos Army as well.   This is in addition to various Droids & War Bots.  The Humans also got most of the Vehicles to complete most of their TO&Es.

I will be Posting Pics of these forces over the next few Weeks Starting with the Zerg Force tomorrow.  Then I will be posting regular progress reports on each of  these forces as well as those I have already posted.