Project Logs 2013

This Log will Show Progress made on Project I am currently working on throughout the year & is so I can measure my productivity.  I Will add Categories as Needed.

Year to Date
Infantry Painted 59           Assault Power Armor Painted 0     Light Walker / Mech Painted 0
Light Vehicles Painted 0      Medium Vehicles Painted 0           Heavy Vehicles Painted 9
Objective Markers Finished 2 

Ground Zerg Small 92   Medium19   Large 21
Flight Zerg Small 18  Medium 35

March 24 Finished the Core of My Hive Intellect Force (Zerg Figures from the out of Production Fantasy Flight Star Craft Board Game with a few Zerglings from the Risk Game) Total Count 194 + Troops but around 30 were already painted 185 painted in this session.  More coming soon

January 9 Finished the core of my Federal Army.

2 Heavy Missile Tanks I Still Have to Make Missile Turrets
 5 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicles
 2 Heavy Main Battle Tanks
59 Infantry 35 Riflemen, 11 SAW Gunners, 3 Portable Missile Launcher Teams, 3 Heavy Machine Gun Teams & 1 of 4 Command Figure

January 9 Posted 2 Objective Markers