Friday, October 31, 2014

Resent Game Pics 1

Here are a Few Shots of a Game last Week.  My Friend Squinch & I Try to game Weekly at Endgame in Oakland CA when ours Schedule Allow.   This Last Game was a Withdrawal Under Fire Mission.

The Defender (me) consisted of 5 Squads of Infantry & 2 Tanks.
The Attackers (Squinch) Started with 4 Transports (APCs) 3 with 2 Infantry Squads Each 1 with 1 Infantry Squad, 1 Tank (witch are recycled the Turn After they are Destroyed. Recycled APCs include Infantry Squads)  With Additional Units Entering Every Turn.

House Rules fo Gruntz Modified Weapon Stats

Fleshing out Gruntz V 1.1

Gruntz is a good set of war-game rules, but I desire more Detailed Options for Specific weapons. I have been using Modifications to the basic weapons for a while to add greater detail to each of the Factions. I have also experimented with removing Most equipment based Perkz & am reworked the  equipment to be added to the Units Combat Load.  Additionally to adding some Perkz based on Specialization & Combat training.

Each base Weapon's Stats may be modified in a number of way. I Primarily use an expanded weapons chart. The base Weapons Types are Projectile, Light Energy,& Concentrated Energy In Addition to these Some weapons have Variable Munition (Additional Grenade & Missiles Ordinance). Each Type of weapon has a Number of Subcategories which can affect the combat effectiveness of the weapon. I have attempted to Maintain a balance by using Enhancements & Flaws (Detrimental Effects) or Limittations to most Weapons. Bellow is a list of options to create new weapons.  Later I will Post My Specific Weapons Classes.