Sunday, February 17, 2013

Can't see the forest for the trees 2

Most of my trees are mounted 2 or 3 to a base & placed to represent wooded terrain.  This works for most situations but I decided that I needed some clumps of trees to improve the appearance of my wooded terrain originally I was working on some modular add on pieces for my tree bases & I found that this did not work.  So my solution was to make some large clumps of trees.  Wooded areas are difficult terrain most of the time but I decided to make the clumps represent thickly wooded patches in the forest.  They are impassable terrain & block line of sight.  This makes a big impact as my Wooded areas usually limit line of sight based on the scenario between 6 & 12 inches depending on the type of wooded terrain they are representing. 

Large pictures follow

Additionally I allow vehicle to move at between 1/2 & 1/4 speed in most wooded terrain no matter what the rule set says, this is due to the fact that in the real world vehicle only unable to travel in certain terrain & unless the terrain would hamper a vehicle in real life I allow them movement in the terrain.  I will be developing rules for vehicles bogging down in some terrain but I need to do more research on the subject before laying out any rules. Any suggestions o the subject of rules mechanics are appreciated.

Here are the first 4 clumps of trees I have put together.