Thursday, September 27, 2012

Can't See The Forest For The Trees

 I recently decided that I needed to get some terrain that was no in an urban setting for my personal collection my gaming group out in the East bay has lots of terrain that we use when we game over there.  But all the terrain I had made or purchased lately was urban or urban war zone. So I decided to purchase some trees & make some hill pieces so My friend I am teaching to Game here in the city & I could have some more variety in our Battle Field for our game.  These Picture are of the Trees that have come in from China & the few Hills That Have Been Finished.  At this Time I have 2 Huge Hill that Measure Approximately Length12" & A Width of  About 6", I have 2 Large Hill that measure in at around 8 1/2" by 6"
 &7 1/2" by 6".   2 Medium Hills Both are  Measuring in at around 6" by 5 3/4",  & 2 small 1 around 2 3/4" by 6" & 1  4 1/2" by 6.   Thats 8 Hills of various sizes Each one being a unique model no 2 are the Same A couple Tall Couple short& the rest in between.

The real cost of the terrain are the trees that I picked up on eBay. I purchased a total of the hundred and 43 trees ranging in height six centimeters all the way up to 12 cmwith the averages please being 6.5 cm,  9 cm and 10 cm. Additionally I purchased various types of trees to give my foresta variety of species and colorsthe picture only shows the first 45 or 50 of these trees. Since I took it I've received another 30 or so trees and am waiting for the rest to arrive. I mount the trees on standard poker chips as they came across a few hundred of them a very reasonable price. Most the trees are mount to to a base as mounting them individuallyndid not look convincing.  the picture is of the three-foot by 18 inch every of my workbench covered with eight Phillips and approximately 50 trees.  Half these pictures if not more of just the trees and hills. I added some figures is in the photo shoot to give a sense of scale.

After I received more of my trees all set up my skirmish table and take some pictures of the hills and trees with infantry and possibly vehicles for scale on one of my gaming mats so you will not see the cardboard that covers my picture.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Goodies From e Bay

More of my loot from e Bay First of a size comparison Will be done with Khurasan Neo-Arabs or Eurika Sci Fi German Storm Troops.

These are 1/144th Models from F-Toys.  But they will work just fine with 15mm figures as Medium or Heavy Vehicles.  The Tank is going to my Khurasan Felids & the Walker I' not Quite sure ho gets it yet..  They only ran me $11.50 For the Tank & 12.50 for the Walker U.S. including shipping.

Stage 1 of the Terran Colonial Empire Force

I picked up the rest of the 1/2 Tracks that I Need to complete the Forces that I currently have so I have to Paint this army.  this is 2 Short platoons of Infantry with transports but I haven't had time to do the conversions for the support vehicles yet but I just receive some parts of e Bay That should allow me to do the conversions much faster & Easier.

The force consist of  1 Line Company of 2 platoons each with 6 squads of 6 + Command & Heavy Weapons which are attached to squads.  2 Reconnaissance Platoon with 4 Squads of 8 +_ Command & Heavy Weapons Attached to Command compose the Reconnaissance Company.  There will be 24 Support Vehicles once I Convert them & 2 Tracked Tanks.  All Troops are mounted in 1/2 Tracks Total # of Transport 1/2 Tracks is 29.

This is another project Company I have to paint up.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

What is to Come / Hobby Report EBay

 I am Planning to do Regular Battle reports on my Blog once I get the full companies for at least 2 off my Factions Finished as well as Back Ground & Progress reports on My Forces, Also I want to do Tutorials On Some of My Modifications & Some Scratch Builds For Vehicles I Have Planned.  The First Posts in this plan have already Begun.  The First Real Project Log That was Not Army related was on My Terrain Project that I am still Working on for My Campaign  My Army Projects Updates Actually Started with the Zerg Unfortunately The Zerg Have Been Put on the Back Burner as I am Waiting to Get More Models For the Army,  So I Posted on the Riek Arriving as I Just Started the Army then I Fully Assembled the rest of the Army & Posted On my Work to Build Forces at the Company Level.  I Will Be Posting The Imperial Army Forces Soon But it will be without there Heavy Weapons Platoons as I have to Pick up Bases for them This will also Include Some Hobby Posts as I Have To Convert 24 Half Tracks From the Zod 2 Tanks.  I Have to get back on working on My Background for the various Factions I Use as the Only Exclusive Post on Back Ground is The Overview of the Terran Colonial Empire & all other Back Ground has been Done in other Posts &Should be Compiled Into An Overview or Back Ground Post.  Additionally I need to get 2 Full Factions Painted Up so I can Start Posting Battle Reports & Once The Campaign is Started Keep a Campaign Log.   I Just Ordered A Bunch of Trees of E-Bay To Allow me to Put Games On  Without Having To Go Out to The East Bay to One of the Houses of the guys in My Gaming Group as all the Trees & Hills are Kept in One Central Location where we usually meet to play.  All I have been able to do with the couple Friends who have been learning to Game with me in the City has been Urban Terrain.  To Solve This problem I Ordered 11 Packs of Trees Ranging in Height from 6cm up to 12cm ( 1 1/2" to 4 3/4")  with a Variety of Types.  In total I Ordered 106 trees & will probably order at least another 15 or 20  to allow ,more coverage with trees for Wooded areas in my games.   One of my friends got a New Bed Last Week & he & I put it together took us ma-bee a 1/2 hour to get the whole thing done,  But Big Packages mean big Packing Material So I ended up with a lot of Styrofoam That he had no use for himself.  So Far I have put together12 or 14 Ground Breaks & Around a Dozen or so Hills.  

Here are some Picture of My E Bay  Some Down loaded as the Item,s have yet to Arrive Loot &I Will Be Posting On My  Hills & Some of the Trees I Got in yesterday Later today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Riek Company in progress

The Riek's Military Is Composed of Elite heavy Infantry with Laser Rifles in 5 or 6 man Squads with War Bot Support at the Platoon Level & Cyborgs at the Company Level.  The Company Consist of 2 Platoons with 4 squads of 5 men Each + 2 Missile Launcher Teams, 1 Heavy Laser Cannon, 1 Sniper & a Platoon Commander In addition to 18 War Bots 3 Heavy War Bots 3 Attack Drone Air, & 3 Attack Drones Tracked,  A Command Platoon with 3 Squads of 6 Men + 2 Missile Launcher Teams, 1Heavy Laser Cannon & Company Commander,  in addition to 24 War Bots,  6 Heavy Cyborgs, 6 Air Attack Cyborgs, & Company Transport of 6 APCs.  An additional 6 Super War Bots are available but Not in the Photos.   This is a work in Progress Post & the Figures have Been Primed, Base Coated & Given their First wash.  Will update on Progress as I finish up units.


1/2 Track Support Tank In Progress

I have mentioned that I have 24 Zod 2 Super Tanks that are to small to be used on their own so I am Converting them to 1/2 Tracks for My Terran Colonial Empire Troop's.  These will Make up the majority of their Support Vehicles & Tanks.  Here's the First Model of Tank.  It is still a work in Progress.  I just wanted to update what is happening with the army.  Starting Version & Below is the Current Version.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Riek has arrived

I am planning a Narrative Campaign for the Invasion Of Over-Watch which has been used as a Major Military Staging Area for the Terran Colonial Empire (TCE) in their war with The Riek & others.   I decided to use the Riek as the Planetary Invasion Force as they are a good Contrast to the TCE Being a Human Force Made  up of the Elite Panzer Grenadiers Supported By Combat Robots & Cyborgs. For now I wanted to Post Pictures of the first uits I Painted for the Riek Including 1 Medium APC, 8 Panzer Grenadier Storm Trooper & War Hound Class War Bots.

This is just a Quick Upate

Terran Colonial Empire General Over View

 This is a Background Post for the Terran Colonial Empire .  It Starts with An Over View of the Empire's Structure & After the Over view I give a partial Back Ground that Includes an Explanation of the 15mm Models I am using to represent the Faction.  Hopefully You will Enjoy Reading it.  Sorry No Picture in the Background Posts. 

 TCE 1


Thursday, September 6, 2012

City Fighting Current Terrain in Progress

Here are some pictures of the current terrain Project I am working on it will be a large Area of a Small city that has been heavily shelled & bombed for day or weeks.  I am building this City to represent the city of Over-Watch which is on the edge of the Terran Colonial Empire which has been used as a major staging point for the last 80 years for multiple incursion into neighboring systems in an attempt to conquer them. Details on this campaign will be forth coming in the next few months.

First of this is a factory that is still in the first stages of being put together & still has a lot ow work to be done.  Currently I have only done the external facade of the factory when I get done it will include a fairly detailed control room & automated machinery as well as a top level vehicle storage facility, fully detailed doors from combat Wombat & Proxy models rolling doors that have been increased in both hieght & width to allow access of Mech & Vehicle unitd & 2 sets of  doors for the loading docks.

Here are most of the building I have gotten built for this Campaign  in variouse stages of progress I am planning out a Single fully intact Appartment Building with 4 floor & these are some of the pieces that will go into it.