Saturday, September 22, 2012

What is to Come / Hobby Report EBay

 I am Planning to do Regular Battle reports on my Blog once I get the full companies for at least 2 off my Factions Finished as well as Back Ground & Progress reports on My Forces, Also I want to do Tutorials On Some of My Modifications & Some Scratch Builds For Vehicles I Have Planned.  The First Posts in this plan have already Begun.  The First Real Project Log That was Not Army related was on My Terrain Project that I am still Working on for My Campaign  My Army Projects Updates Actually Started with the Zerg Unfortunately The Zerg Have Been Put on the Back Burner as I am Waiting to Get More Models For the Army,  So I Posted on the Riek Arriving as I Just Started the Army then I Fully Assembled the rest of the Army & Posted On my Work to Build Forces at the Company Level.  I Will Be Posting The Imperial Army Forces Soon But it will be without there Heavy Weapons Platoons as I have to Pick up Bases for them This will also Include Some Hobby Posts as I Have To Convert 24 Half Tracks From the Zod 2 Tanks.  I Have to get back on working on My Background for the various Factions I Use as the Only Exclusive Post on Back Ground is The Overview of the Terran Colonial Empire & all other Back Ground has been Done in other Posts &Should be Compiled Into An Overview or Back Ground Post.  Additionally I need to get 2 Full Factions Painted Up so I can Start Posting Battle Reports & Once The Campaign is Started Keep a Campaign Log.   I Just Ordered A Bunch of Trees of E-Bay To Allow me to Put Games On  Without Having To Go Out to The East Bay to One of the Houses of the guys in My Gaming Group as all the Trees & Hills are Kept in One Central Location where we usually meet to play.  All I have been able to do with the couple Friends who have been learning to Game with me in the City has been Urban Terrain.  To Solve This problem I Ordered 11 Packs of Trees Ranging in Height from 6cm up to 12cm ( 1 1/2" to 4 3/4")  with a Variety of Types.  In total I Ordered 106 trees & will probably order at least another 15 or 20  to allow ,more coverage with trees for Wooded areas in my games.   One of my friends got a New Bed Last Week & he & I put it together took us ma-bee a 1/2 hour to get the whole thing done,  But Big Packages mean big Packing Material So I ended up with a lot of Styrofoam That he had no use for himself.  So Far I have put together12 or 14 Ground Breaks & Around a Dozen or so Hills.  

Here are some Picture of My E Bay  Some Down loaded as the Item,s have yet to Arrive Loot &I Will Be Posting On My  Hills & Some of the Trees I Got in yesterday Later today or tomorrow.

 $26.00 US fr 3 Tank Droids

 21.00 for 6 of theses Heavy Assault Droids

Star Wars Miniatures Commerce Guild Homing Spider Droid  $7.00 US each

For Around $20.00 US I Got 2 Hail Fire Droids that I will Be Using in Gruntz as Super Heavy Tanks

 I Picked up  3 of these Gain Speeders for Around $25.00 US for all 3.

 This Star Wars APT was under 10.00 Us including & was the most expensive of the three I Ordered.

 I Picked up this lot of 5 Tanks for $20.00 US including shipping.

In Addition to all This I Received My Rocco Airfix Lot of Model arts no full Kits for $15.00 I Believe to use with My Zod Stuff.