Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stage 1 of the Terran Colonial Empire Force

I picked up the rest of the 1/2 Tracks that I Need to complete the Forces that I currently have so I have to Paint this army.  this is 2 Short platoons of Infantry with transports but I haven't had time to do the conversions for the support vehicles yet but I just receive some parts of e Bay That should allow me to do the conversions much faster & Easier.

The force consist of  1 Line Company of 2 platoons each with 6 squads of 6 + Command & Heavy Weapons which are attached to squads.  2 Reconnaissance Platoon with 4 Squads of 8 +_ Command & Heavy Weapons Attached to Command compose the Reconnaissance Company.  There will be 24 Support Vehicles once I Convert them & 2 Tracked Tanks.  All Troops are mounted in 1/2 Tracks Total # of Transport 1/2 Tracks is 29.

This is another project Company I have to paint up.