Sunday, February 17, 2013

Can't see the forest for the trees 2

Most of my trees are mounted 2 or 3 to a base & placed to represent wooded terrain.  This works for most situations but I decided that I needed some clumps of trees to improve the appearance of my wooded terrain originally I was working on some modular add on pieces for my tree bases & I found that this did not work.  So my solution was to make some large clumps of trees.  Wooded areas are difficult terrain most of the time but I decided to make the clumps represent thickly wooded patches in the forest.  They are impassable terrain & block line of sight.  This makes a big impact as my Wooded areas usually limit line of sight based on the scenario between 6 & 12 inches depending on the type of wooded terrain they are representing. 

Large pictures follow

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Specialist and and Scout Mechs

I have acquired a decent selections of Mechs in a number of different scales most of these are from Japan and are primarily from the Robotech & Dougram television series. I needed a break from the projects that I have been working on so I decided to do some old-fashioned modeling beginning with my Fang of the Sun Dougram Mini Figures I do not know the scale of these figures but I used to use some of these when I played Battletech years ago and they seemed the same scale. These figures came pre-assemble so all I had to do is mount them on the poker chips that I use for all my specialist teams and huge infantry. For now I plan to use them as is until I can budget in time to repaint them for the factions they will be assigned to,there are two reasons for this first I am not sure of which armies to assignment to & am going to" playtest them with the armies prior to making this decision. The second reason is I do not have the time to paint additional figures that already tabletop usable so I will be using as is. I may be doing a couple more posts on Mecha as I plan to put together the other models and mini figures that have been sitting in a storage box for last couple of months. I've been slow with putting together any Mechs as I have always had a problem with giant Mechs fighting alongside infantry, but I have recently read a few after action reports where the used Mechs alongside infantry and it was not a game breaker.  After seeing some other peoples armies where they use Mechs alongside infantry my views have changed and I think of them just as another support aspect just like tanks or other vehicles.

Below are pictures of my Fang of the Sun Dougram Mini Figures which will be used as either specialists units or as scout Mechs using the Gruntz 1.1 system. I may be adding more variety of scales to the blog, but primarily it will stay 15 mm with the possible exception of some Battletech or Mech Warrior posts due to the fact that many of the models can be used alongside to 15 mm figures, in addition to the fact I always liked Mech battles, but I'm not rushing out to purchase a bunch of stuff in any other scale.  I apologize to anyone who takes offense to this but I do not have the time or energy to multiple blogs for each scale I play.  The blog will remain exclusively  science-fiction.

After the  Fang of the Sun Dougram Mini Figures I have some Comparison Pics with them mixed in with some of the other models I use as Specialist & Scout Mech that are made by various 15mm Manufactures as well as a few Star Wars Miniature from Wizards of the Coast.  Hopefully this gives a good idea of scale compared to the other units that are used for the same purpose.