Saturday, September 8, 2012

Terran Colonial Empire General Over View

 This is a Background Post for the Terran Colonial Empire .  It Starts with An Over View of the Empire's Structure & After the Over view I give a partial Back Ground that Includes an Explanation of the 15mm Models I am using to represent the Faction.  Hopefully You will Enjoy Reading it.  Sorry No Picture in the Background Posts. 

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Partial Backgroung Terran Colonial Empire

For the Terran Colonial Empire I decided to go with a Retro Look with the Khurasan Neo-Arabs & Red Faction Infantry as this seemed to fit the idea of a vast empire with a Large Conscripted Army. That is Primarily Mechanized Light Infantry, with Very limited Tank Support & limited Self Propelled Artillery Support. With their need to put large Mobile Light Infantry force into the field without the need for additional training for drivers for Transport & Self Propelled Artillery. As 1/2 Tracks can be operated by anyone who can operate a wheeled vehicle & require no specialized training to operate with better of road capability They seemed to fit the bill perfectly. The 1/2 Tracks are Point of Contact Prepainted Armor which I repainted & the Medium Tanks are Old Crow Models. The Background Information is continued Bellow.

I am using the Khurasan Neo-Arabs as well as the Khurasan Red Faction as the Light Infantry for the Colonial Terran Empire. As They are Equipped with the same Weapons & Nearly the same Equipment they are perfect to be used for a multi-planetary force with slight variances based on Planetary Origin. Imperial Army troops are Conscripts who receive training as Light Infantry but it's a mistake to discount these units as they are very well trained.   The Terran Colonial Empire is a Military Dictatorship & by the time a citizen begins there adolescence they have been trained in the Military Sciences to a point that most other Governments consider Fully Qualified as Combat Rifleman, the only schools that are allowed by the Government are Military Academies & under its Direct Control.  
Standard Equipment Available to The Conscipts Rifle Platoon's are as follows for All Standard Conscript Riflemen equipment includes his Standard Issue Battle Dress which includes  Ballistic Resistant Combat Battle Dress Uniforms over a Shielded Body Glove in combination with either Recce/Scout Stealth Battle Armor or  Light Composite Combat Battle Armor, & all troops are Armed with a Pair of Combat Blades (Long & Short Blade Combination), a  Projectile Pistol ( back up weapon) & are issued based on their Tactical Squad either a Semi-Automatic Projectile Rifle or Fully-Automatic  Projectile Rifles.  Weapons Specialist that are Squad Attachments may each have a Squad Automatic Weapon which includes a one-man Medium Projectile Machine Gun (General Purpose Machine Gun) , a Heavy Grenade Launcher with Fragmentation & Armor Piercing Grenades (Auto  Grenade Launcher) or a Light Anti Tank Launcher ( RPG) / Support Weapons Include 2 Man Team with a Specialist Missile Launcher (Portable Missile Launcher's "PML") & a 2 Man Crew Served Specialist Heavy Projectile (Tripod Mounted Infantry Support Cannons).
Conscripts can only receive further Specialist Training After serving your initial 2 Year of the 6 Years which is the Minimum Mandatory Term of Service Required.  In Addition their Military Service Record must be of an acceptable  level for the Specialty School Requested.   If they meet these Specifications they may apply for a transfer to Armor Specialist (Tanks), Artillery Specialist (Field Artillery, Anti-Armor & Air Defense) or Special Operations Infantry are just a few of the Schools Available.   

Terran Colonial Empire Vehicles

(Why I Decided to  Keep the M3  1/2 Tracks Primarily Unchanged)

I Might try removing the winch on some of the other M3 ½ Tracks. I decided that for a Conscript Army the Heavy Machine Gun pulpit is the perfect weapon for a troop transport as it requires no training to use beyond basic combat training with the weapon. The Terran Colonial Empire's (T.C.E.) Considers the Conscripts of Imperial Army & their equipment Completely Expendable. The ½ Tracks are lightly armored & opened top why should they waist the resources on these Units when it ca be better spent on your Elite & Guard Units. Like the Russians in World War 2 the T.C.E. Commanders of the Imperial Army believe in the Quality of Quantity. They Consider all Conscript Units as expendable Assets. The only reason the Conscripted Units Are mounted in ½ Tracks which makes them into a Mechanized/Motorized Light Infantry Force is to allow for over whelming forces to be shifted quickly allowing for Lightning Raids & Assaults by their forces against the enemy Line/Position. Elite Units are well trained & Equipped with the best equipment available & are not considered to be Expendable. Armor Support (Medium & Heavy Guard Tanks Units + Guard Artillery Units) are Heavily armored front line machines crewed by veteran & considered to be an elite Unit So they are used Wisely in conjunction with a lot of conscripts to shield them from damage. On the other hand Armor Support (Light & Medium Tanks Units & Self Propelled Artillery Units) are usually better trained & equipped than the Infantry but a crewed primarily by conscripts & the Greener of the Armored Specialist & all but the Guard Artillery & Tank Specialist Units are considered to be expendable. Almost all the vehicles used by the Imperials are ½ Tracks with the exception of their Tanks that are Tracked. Before I can finish the Terran Colonial Empire's Imperial Army I have to get another 15 to 20 more M3 ½ Tracks for my other 3 Platoons of Light Infantry & so I can modify a few to be  Fire Support Vehicles. But my Main find for this Army was I got 2 packs of the ZOD 15mm Sci-Fi Super Tanks for a total of 24 Tracked Vehicles.   Unfortunately they are way to small to be used in 1/100 on their own even with the Smallest 15mm models. I plan to use the Parts from these 24 Tracked /Vehicles to Make Most if not all of My Self Propelled Support Weapons (Artillery, Anti-Armor, Air Def fence & Assault Guns, Engineering Vehicle Ect.) All of which will be ½ Tracks.