Thursday, November 15, 2012

Comparison Pictures for Star Craft Part 1of 4

I took these pictures earlier today before my camera battery Died.  I will upload more once it recharges.  even so this is a Pic Heavy Post.  I started with comparison pictures for the Zerg from the Star Craft Board Game & Risk Game.  Then I took Multiple Pictures of The both types of Zerg with 15mm Figures from Eurika Miniatures Venusians & SF German Storm Troops; Khurasan Federal Infantry, Red Faction Including Power Armor-Robot vehicle, Neo-Arabs, Control Battalion, Felids & Gorn; Rebel Minies Pan Galactic Legion; Astro Miniatures Sybots: Blue Moon Velium Skirmishers as these are the forces I had easily accessible.

To see the Pics go to post

Zerglings & Hydrolisk Comparison Risk & Board Game

Scaling Picture Zerg with Set 1

Set 2



Set 1A

Set 2A

 And my Battery Went Dead will do another post later today finishing the Zerg then the Humans & Finally Protoss. due to the ammount of picture I will do 2 a minimum of posts per race. The 2 Large Models mounted on the poker Chips are the Zerg Heroes from the Risk Game These figures are all from either The Basic Board Game or the Risk Game, I will finish set 2A In the next post & then D the Zerg From the Brood war expansion.