Wednesday, January 9, 2013

House Rules for Large Engagements Using Gruntz 1.1

I myself got into 15mm so I could play Games on a Larger Tactical Level & be able to use Combined Arm Forces without it being Silly as it is in most 28mm Games. I Have Been Playing Tactical Engagement using a Minimum of a Full Platoon + associated Support Units & have started playing Games with Multiple Platoons & even in some cases going above the Company Level with some Forces. I always attempt to keep Forces Involved in the Game Balanced but  the Points are Secondary.  I prefer to play Narrative Story Driven Scenarios. I find it more challenging & fun to use Full TO&E's for the Forces Involved. Gruntz & Gruntz 1.1 have been a Really Good Rules System for this Size Tactical Engagements & only Required a few Small Tweaks to Make the Rules Work for Tactical Engagements of Platoon & Company Level in the Game. I Play with the following Modifications to the Core Rules to allow Larger Games of Gruntz.& Gruntz 1.1 .

First I am using a Modified version of the Optional Card Activation from the Core Rules Book. The First thing to do Before Troop Deployment & the Beginning of the Game is to assign Every Unit a Card to represent it. This Card will activate the Unit when it is Drawn..

Using standard Playing Cards for my Games has worked. I have Multiple decks I shuffle all the decks at the beginning of the Game & Use them each as Needed. I am using the 2 Jokers 1 as an end of turn Card & the other as a reset card for the deck allowing for previously activated units a second activation in a single turn. When the Reset Card is Drawn I Replace the deck with a fresh one, but it is still the Same Turn, this is important as almost all my Games are story driven & Some Scenarios are time sensitive for the end of the game or other events. The End of Turn Card also replaces the current deck, but starts a new Turn. In both Cases units that haven't Activated prior to the drawing of one of these card loose that activation.

In Addition Commanders & Sub Commanders Must be assigned to a Squad making it into a Command Squad which gain a Unit Coherency of 6" Since they are led by a Commander or Sub Commander.

Medics & Mechanics must be assigned to a Squads Starting with Command Squads then they may be assigned to other Squads but may use separate actions when activated as long as they stay within unit Coherency .

All Weapons Specialist have to be Assigned to a Particular Squad or formed into Small Squads with 2 to 4 teams per squad & & All other Specialist will also be formed into squads of 2-6 models, they Activate as A Squad but May Choose up to 2 Targets when Firing their Weapons & must stay within 6" Unit Coherency.

Vehicles Form Squadrons of 2 to 4 models with a 9" unit coherency for Vehicles to represent their size & may each choose it's own target when firing it's weapons. Supper Heavy  Vehicles Do not Have to Form Squadrons. I haven't used Vehicles of this Size yet.
Primary Modifications

 1) Squad Fire: Other Than Squad Attachments & Attached Heavy Weapons The entire Squad must Fire at the Same Target Unit.
2) Cover : For speed of play units only get to claim cover of the majority of its models but must attempt to get all models into such cover so can not claim to be stationary unless all models are in the same cover or the best cover available to them if this is not possible.
3) Concentrated Fire: is with the Most Common Weapon in a Squad & may only be used for maximum of 2 shots at the target squad but requires all regular squad members (not Squad Attachments or Attached Specialist) to combine fire as 1 action.
4) Mixed Squads: Damage for Attached Specialist or Commanders Roll 2D6 on a roll of 9+ Specialist/Sub Commander or 10+ Commander for each hit they are hit roll for damage as normal otherwise the squad takes the hit. Only Models in Line of Sight may be hit.
5)Randomly determine hits in vehicle squadrons & specialist squads. 1D6 starting with closest model count back then begin again only vehicles in Line of Sight may be hit. This is a Little more time consuming but allows you to move damaged vehicles to the back of squadrons to protect them
6)Concentrated Auto Fire Verse Vehicles:Fires D3+1 Shots starting at -1 to hit but for each additional Shot beyond 2 you gain +1 to hit. +1 Damage for each shot after the first

Weapons Modifications

Here are the Stats I Converted to Keep with the feel of Projectiles & Lasers Having a Consistent AP with one another, These are the Stats I am using.
Spec Heavy Laser Range 14 Dam 10 AP 2
Vehicle Light Laser Range 15 Dam 11 AP 2
The other Laser don't actually Chang

These modified rules are for large games above the Platoon Level. These rules work for games including Multiple platoons even going up to Company Level engagements & Larger. Approximately 1000 to 2000 Points & Above. Using this Activation system really give a feel of the chaos that occurs on the battle field as you are not guaranteed when your next unit will activate or which of your units will activate & make it so you don't have to wait for your opponent to finish all his Units activations before you get a chance to respond.

Adding in the End Card as well as a Reset Card into the Deck has worked really well & increased the Fog of War as Some units didn't activate or activated more than once in a given turn. I have Only used these New Cards in a couple of games So Far but they really added to the confusion of battle. I have been really Pleased with the results of the new Cards.