Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hive Mind (Zerg) Army

I've got all the models for the Zerg force & have added it to the force that I had Painted previously.  So now I have 108 Zerglings, 36 Hydrolisks & 18 Ultralisks + fliers 18 Mutalisks & 36 Scourges  for the models you have seen previously.  In addition to 12 Lurkers, 12 Infested Terrans, & 18 Defilers + fliers 20 Queens, 18 Guardians & 12 Devourers all from the Board Game then add in 68 Zerglings, 34 Hydrolisks & 2 Leaders Figures from the Star Craft Risk Game which I am still mounting to their  Bases & converting the models for use other than the leaders the Zerg from the Risk Game are not in the same class as the other figures in the army but using them will save me  having to get anymore of the Board Game to complete the army.  Finishig the Army took an additional 2 sets of the Fantasy Flight Star Craft the Board Game + 1 more set of the Brood War expansion for a total of 3 of the FF Game & 2 of the Expansions.  Thank goodness the Risk Game was released as this allows me to build armies for the Protoss & Terran Marines using most of the miniatures from the FF Game To augment the infantry from the Risk Game,  What I am not going to use I will be putting up for auction on e Bay if anyone is interested in getting some of the miniatures from the Board Game without having to shell out big Bucks.  Here is the link to the auction  for the Terran Forces.