Thursday, November 15, 2012

Comparison Pictures for Star Craft Part 2 of 4

I took these pictures a few minutes ago my camera battery is charged.  I Just finished the Zerg Comparison Pics first thing & will be Putting up Post 3 of 6 almost immediately After this Post.  The rest of the Zerg from Star Craft Board Game & the Risk Game comparisons to the same 15mm Figures from before in case some one didn't check the first post they are Eurika Miniatures Venusians & SF German Storm Troops; Khurasan Federal Infantry, Red Faction Including Power Armor-Robot vehicle, Neo-Arabs, Control Battalion, Felids & Gorn; Rebel Minies Pan Galactic Legion; Astro Miniatures Sybots: Blue Moon Velium Skirmishers as these are the forces I had easily accessible.

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Red Faction Mech

Brood War Expansion Zerg Models