Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Figure Poses

I just wanted to let you Know that one of the reasons I have been Slow in Posting New forces is because I take the time with most of my troops to tweak the figure's pose.  95% or more of my troops have been reposed to one degree or another.  Below are 20 of my Pangalatic Legion troops as examples of this.

I am not doing any major conversions with them but it takes extra time but I find it well worth it & the Battle Pod is for this army.  It fell of the table & I have to re-glue the other gun back on.  The only reason I take this extra Time is I am building most armies at the Company level or above. 

I use a few different methods for this.  In many cases All I do is after figure clean up I hold the base with needle nose & twist the figure at the waist to a different degrees, this is the method I suggest for any one who is just starting out reposing.  Be careful not to break the figure as if you bend him to far or he has really thin ankles or legs this is very easy to do until you learn what your doing.  I have this happen less than 1%  but when it does I can usually pin the figure back together & use him without a problem. This requires No sculpting or hard work but when you are doing this 90 time it takes time.