Monday, January 7, 2013

Hobby Update for 2013

I Currently have (10) Force that are In Progress at one stage or another, The Factions represented by them are listed bellow.  I will be reworking some of the Color Schemes or adding Additional Optional Schemes to some forces.  In addition I plan to Update Some of the TO&E's & Backgrounds once I get to each Faction.  My Goal is to rework all My Factions into 1 Cohesive Background, Forming a Consistent Core for a Complete Science Fiction Setting while leaving enough freedom to allow additional Data to be added Easily.

 The Unborn Using the Sybots from Astro Miiniatures & Vehicles from Star Wars (Droids)

Crimson guard Using the Control Battalion from Khurasan & Vehicles from Rocco

Federal Armored Planetary Assault Troops Using the Federal Army from Khurasan & Vehicles from Combat Wombat & Micro Panzer

Strike Legion Using the Pangalactic Legion from Rebel Minis & Vehicles from Robotech Dougram & other Walkers

The Tigarian Karnate Armored Company  Using the Felids from Khurasan & Vehicles from Star wars AAT Tanks

Greater Colonial Empire  Using the RPK (Neo-Arabs) & Nova Respublic from Khurasan Vehicles from Point of Contact M3 1/2 Tracks & Support units will be reworked

Hive Mind Using the Zerg From Star Craft 

The Riek   Using the Sci Fi German Storm Troops from Eurika Miniatures, The Robot Legion Skirmishers & Support units will be reworked

Venusians Psi Marrines Using Venturans from Eurika Miniatures & Vehicles from Combat Wombat

Sarian Empire Using the Garn from Khurasan & Unsure of Vehicles

Other Project needing addition to the above list. The other 2 Factions from Star Craft Protoss & Terran Marines.  Hammers Slammers 2 Platoons of Infantry + 20 Infantry Mounted on Skimmers from  GZG & Vehicles from Old Crow & both a Light Infantry Platoon & Heavy Infantry Platoon from GZG I got with my 2 Starter Set for Hammers Slammers Starter sets.  Infantry for  2 Forces of 50 or 60 of troops each of the Tomorrow War Factions from GZG.  2 small force of Infantry 1 from Micro Panzer SAS & the other are Earth Force Armored Troops Rebel Minis, & Multiple Terrain Projects & Modelling Projects.

Currently I am primarily focused on the Top 3 Forces.  Bellow are some Pictures of the progress on these forces.

I will be doing Posts on these forces once I get enough of each done.