Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pangalactic Legion

Unknown Alien Race (Technological Base Unknown Energy Matter Conversion/ The Physics of which are Beyond Humanities Highest Theoretical Geniuses Comprehension.)

When I saw these models I had to have them so I didn't Hesitate & ordered over 100 models for this force (3 Infantry packs & 6 Command Packs)  This is actually the first alien force that I had a clear picture of their Combined Arms Reinforced Jump Infantry Company Making them Jump Infantry Eliminated the Need for APCs.  As every Legionnaire is equipped with a Jump Pack they can Easily Keep up with the Attached Armor & other Support Units in the Army.  I already had the basic Vehicles for the Pangalatic Legion prior to getting the miniature.  Their primary vehicles are Combat Walkers.  I am using the 1/144 Die-Cast  Gunners 2 x 6 Legged Desert Scorpion Walkers &  3 x 4 Legged Grab Gunner Walkers from the Dougram series for their Tanks.  Fast Attack Mechs represented by Pieter Zentradi Pods as flankers  in addition 2 Scout Walkers  1/200 Hard Rubber Grab Gunners Walkers.  I have a lot more mechs Available for support. Bellow are Pictures of my First Test Squad for them.

Bellow are Pictures of the First the 5 Man Test Squad with their attached Support Weapon Specialists Team.   The 2 Man Weapons Team's figures are mounted separately as I am still debating the Army TO&E as Gruntz 1.1 should be released Really Soon (Most Likely Within a Week or so).  The Weapons & Equipment are Temporarily Blue but will be Bronze replacing almost all the Blue once my Vallejo Paint order Comes in, Also the Royal Purple Will be washed with a Thinned Purple Ink & Highlighted making it a little darker but smother adding the perfect Effect as their Power Armor is  Energy based.  This Uses the Pinnacle of Advancement in Personal Shield Technology Literally Converting the Energy into Matter forming Physical Power Armor with Almost No Weight which can be shut down when Not In Use.  The Energy Supply for each Suit Will Last Between 2 to 6 Hours Even in the Heaviest Combat Situation & Can Be Recharged from any of their Vehicles within a matter of Minutes or From a Conventional Source in about 1 to 2 Hours.  The First 6 Pictures are Small So they could be fit on the Main Page, but all the other Pictures are Large Click on Post to take a look.

Infantry Squad 5 Man Jump Infantry & Heavy Weapons Specialist Team

Infantry Squad 5 Man Jump Infantry

Close Up Picture Jump Infantry Squad & Heavy Weapons Specialist Team

Close Up Picture Jump Infantry Squad

Close Ups Pictures Jump Infantry Heavy Weapons Specialist Team

Power On ( Thank you Captain Power for the Idea for the Energy Armor.)