Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Control Battalion

I am using the Control Battalion from Khurasan Miniatures for My Crimson Guard force.  The Crimson Guard are Partially converted Cyborg Troops.  They are a Medium Tech Force that can use Either Lasers or Projectile Weapons.  I just received the Paints & Inks I Ordered about 2 weeks ago, when I made the order I Got all the Paints  & Inks I would need to Hopefully complete Many of the forces I have.   I had completely ran out of metallic colors so was stuck unable to finish anything.  The Paint Job on the Crimson Guard is very simple with only 3 colors of Paints & 2 Inks being used to compliment the Paint job.  I Painted up 3 x 6 Man Squads  1 Command Figure & 1 APC (a M114 from Roco with no modifications to the vehicle) as the starting force.  I Hope you like them.