Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Hills Are Alive

I Decided to Take Some Pictures of the hills.  These Hills are Very Cost Effective & have allowed me to put together My Battle Field in many different ways.  I have used them to set up Boards Ranging From as Large as 6' x 10' using all the hills to create the Battle Field With Plenty of Cover Only Using 2 Small Building for the Enemy Forward Command Post that was the Objective for One Force which was located at a cross roads within the Light forest as I Still have about 1/2 my trees to base (50 to 60 Trees Left)  & Only used 6 of my Jungle Trees.  With a 4' x 4'  Board being the Smallest Battle Field that was packed so densely with trees & hills that Ranged Combat was Limited to a Maximum of Between 4" to 8" & All Troops Counted as in Cover Beyond 4".  The Objective for the Forces was to Find a Downed Recon Drone Recover the Data & then Destroy the drone preventing the enemy from Recovering the Information.  Each Force was Given 2 Specialist who could accomplish this once the Drone was Found.  The area to be Searched began 9" from the Table edge & every 6" x 6" Area had to be Searched & took Both Actions for a Unit to Search it. To Search the Squad Had to take a Skills Test with a Massive Negative.  Only 2 Squads per Side Could Search each Turn & an area could only be searched Once per Side.  Here are Picture of My Cheap Hills Warning This Post Is Extremely Pic Heavy.  Larger Pics Further in the post.

 The Picture were Taken on my 3' By 4' Work Table Most of the Hills are Styrofoam Mounted On Plastic Card, With 2 of them Being made from Micro Machine Play sets.  The Total Cost of all these Hills was Less than  $15 U.S. Including the Play sets.  I have 6 more Play set a Giant Hill 2' x 2' Hill & 2 more Large Hills 1' x  6" or Larger that Are Finished & 4 Large Priority Mail Boxes of Styrofoam still to work for more Hills.  All of the Hill I have finished have a Total Cost of between $20. to