Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gruntz Specific Rules Hive Mind Updated

All units in a Hive Army must take 1 of the Hive Mind Perks this is Mandatory not optional. The Hive Intellect is unconcerned with losses so the entire army is Immune to Mental Checks & Suppression & Units can Never go prone. Any unit that is out of control of the Hive Mind becomes subject to Instinctive Behavior as most of the units are no more intelligent than any other predator. Loss of control by the Hive Intellect can happen in a Number of ways (when this happens the unit becomes subject to Mental Checks & are Bloodthirsty but are still immune to Suppression). First the Units of Drone Warrior are not themselves Directly linked to the Hive Mind but are linked to it by a specialist unit with Hive Mind Node that is attached to a Squad, if this unit dies the Drone Warriors no longer are controlled by the Hive Mind until another Hive Node takes control of the unit. Secondly if the Hive Mind Grand Lord (Army General) is Killed all units must test to see if the link to the hive Mind has been interrupted Mental test (Vehicles Test as a Mental Stat of 11 As Either Hive Clusters Or Hive Nodes) at a -1 for Hive Mind Lords -2 for Hive Mind Clusters & -3 for Hive Mind Nodes if failed they are Bloodthirsty (subject to Frenzy) & Instinctive behavior + In Addition All Drone Units are at a -2 to their Instinctive behavior rolls for the rest of the game with 2 being the lowest result.
I will be adding the Hive Mind Perks & Modz over the next few days. The initial Perk for all Most Squads is bellow with the first Instinctive Behavior chart which corresponds to it.

3 Points Hive Mind Drone Warrior: Immune to Mental checks, Ignore suppression, Squad Coherency 6 inches & Assault with 1 Action & Always get to React Assault When Assaulted. Negatives the Unit can not go prone & the Unit is Subject to Instinctive Behavior. In addition Drone Warrior Units may not Have Ranged Weapon & are Limited to a Soak of 13 & are limited to the following perks Ultimate Agility, Long Runners, Jump Pack, Bullet Time, Infiltrator, Aquatic, Active Camo, Auto-Heal, Infected, Over the Top & Pay the usual 5 points extra for this is a second perk.

Drone Instinctive Behavior
Must be lead by a Specialist For each hit the squad suffers roll 1D6 on the roll of a 1 the leader takes the hit if leader dies test for instinctive behavior immediately & for each action until back in control of the hive mind Roll 2D6 to determine action.
2-4 Assault nearest Target & becomes subject to frenzy
5-6 Assault nearest enemy & becomes subject to frenzy
7 Do nothing this turn
8 Move random direction
9-10 Move twards nearest friendly unit & if within the units Squad Coherency test verses mental stat -2 to join unit if failed you must Immediately assault the Unit even if out of normal assault distance this is a free action.
11-12 Join nearest friendly unit no test

I will be posting Card as I get things Done, but it will take a little time as I am working on numerous Projects.

4 Point Hive Mind Node: Required! Between 1 & 2 of these units Must Join every Drone Unit, they are Subject to all the Rules of the Attached Unit & Purchase the Same Modz or Perks of the Unit. Control Drones (They may attempt to control Any Drone units in Squad Coherency 6 inches take a Mental Test (if another Node is with the other Squad Both Nodes must Pass the Test (at -2 for the other Node) to Combine) this can take the Squad beyond 10 Models, Number of Models is Not Limited.)  Mixed Units (If the 2 Squads have different Perks The appropriate models may use the Perks if Practical Other wise the Perks become Unusable). Energize (May Restore D3-1 Gruntz from Waxed requires complete activation of the Squad This Ability is only usable if more than 1 Model with Hive Mind Node is in a Squad as it requires 1 Node to Maintain Influence & every other Node May use this ability with a single action.)  Assault Fire (May Fires ranged weapons when assaulting).   Hive Mind Cluster (If 3 or more Hive Mind Nodes are in a Single Unit They are a Hive Mind Clusters &  will Gain Extra Benefits for being a Hive Mind Node Cluster.)  In Addition If the General is killed Roll 2D6 on a Roll of 2, 3, or 4 they are removed as a casualty due to the Psychic Shock of being ripped away from the Hive Mind + D3 Drones are also removed from the unit. 

Hive Mind Node Cluster:   A hive mind Node Cluster is formed when 3 or More Nodes are in a Single Unit They become a Nexus connected to te Hive Intellect Allowing its influence to be spread to a wider degree.  Rules As Hive Mind Node with the following changes can Combine with another Hive Node No Modifier to the Mental Test, Unit Coherency is 9”, Psychic Shock is 2 or 3 on 2D6 each but if 1 suffers Psychic Shock D6 Drones & D3 Nodes are removed from the unit as Casualties.

Nexus Creatures  10 points:  Have all the abilities of a Hive Node Cluster With No Psychic Shock , Additionally they may heal themselves as Self repair droids Mod, & have the Dread  Mod & are monstrous creatures all Have 1 Free Power Claw of the appropriate Size for the Unit + any other weapons chosen may Assault with 1 Action &  for Assaults They are treated as vehicles on the charge + assault as Giant Infantry (as Mechs).