Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hive Intellect Horde Planitary assault Tactics

One Point that I want to make is we all need to all break ourselves of the knee Jerk reaction When we hear about a Type of Army or race. For example my Hive Mind Horde are not a generic form of GW Tyranids.    Other than Having a Singular Driving Intellect My Concept of how to do a Hive Intellect has nothing else in common with the Tyranids from GW.  They are actually a Patient slow moving force that will spend decades absorbing the lifeforms from each system.  
Hopefully I will be Posting The Basic Hive Intellect Swarm in the Next day or 2.  


The of the Main Reason I Went with No Technology including a Biotech Naval Force For the Forces of the Hive Mind was that I wanted a Race that are Nothing but Highly Evolve Predatory Hunters.  These Predators ange from Small Pack Predators Which Form Pack with numerous members , Mated Pairs & Small Prides of Predators & Finally Solitary Cunning Predators. The Preditors that Make up the Body of the Hive Intellect are of Various Sizes & are at different Stages of their Physical evolution Most of which have evolved to a point that the can operate in ether an Atmosphere or in the Vacuum of Space. The Creatures that compose the Hive Minds Physical Presence have had their Mental evaluation Stunted & Higher Intelligence is Neither Needed of Desired by individual components of its body. It is Intentional that None of the Individual Units that Make up the Hive Mind Horde Possess an Individual Intelligence Above that of A Cunning Predatory Animal . Even The Primary Hive Presence (Nexus) is Only Considered Slightly More Important Than Any other Hive Presence (Nexuses)  As they all allow the Same General Influence Allowing The Hive Intellect Greater Influence Over Hive Nodes as well as Drones. The Intellect that Controls The Horde is the Hive Mind or Hive Intellect it poses only a Single Purpose to constantly grow & Evolve.

I Used the Tearing of Space & Time to creating Rifts as the Only Means of Moving its Body (The Hive Mind Horde or Swarm) From One Planet to another that the Hive Mind possesses. Then I Added the Requirement to Use the Asteroids to Obtain the Required Mass That the Hive Intellect Will Requires to Generate the Vast amounts of energy that is Required to Create Rift in Space & Time Forcing the 2 Location to exist Simultaneously in the Same Space & Time. This is Achieved By Tearing A Vast Hole In the Space-Time Continuum to Form A Bridge To Connect the 2 Locations Once the Rift is Formed the 2 Locations Become A Single Location in Space & Time . Once the Hive Intellect has Focused the Entirety of its Incredible Will on the Asteroid mass to Release the Potential Energy Contained within it, Willing the Matter that was the asteroid to Be Converted Directly into 100% of Enegy potential it possessed to Power the Creation of the Initial Rift for the Asteroids to Pass trough the Rift to their Initial Bombardment Positions All these Locations are at the edge of the Planetary Atmosphere Locations in real Space Positions on the edge of the Planetary Atmosphere By the Time they reach their Starting Positions in Real Space they have gained the initial fall from orbit towards the Surface of the Plant. The Asteroids have all Begun there Acceleration toward the Planetary Surface with the assistance of the Planets own Gravity Which is after all thier final Destination. As their Speed Increasing the asteroids begin to fracture Weakend by the initial Energy Conversion each will impact in more 100s Locations by the time they impact the Surface. Due to the conversion of l the Remaining Mass Possessed of the Asteroid at the Planet arty Collition The Rift will connect directly to the Panitary Surface being dwawn to the Surface by the Energy released by the asteriods when the impacted the planet. Releasing The Hive Mind from having to maintain initial Rifts link as it links to the planitary impact zones. Once the Link for the initial link was established by the initial Rift the Hive MMind Can maintain the link with no further need to expend energy to maintain the link This energy is nit waisted as it will be used later to protect the Hive Minds Physical presence fron the Rift after the asteroids have impacted. Repeating Llink to the has Initial Rift has Formed All the remaining Energy from the Mass of Asteroids being Converted From Matter to Energy as well as the Energy Created From their Planetary Impacts Is Consumed to Shield its Body ( The Horde of Troops Which Compose the Hive Minds Initial Stages of the Invasion) while it transported to the New Planetary Body Using the initial Tear in Space & Time that was Created by the Absolute Will that is possessed by The Hive Intellect to initiate the initial Conversion of Matter into Energy After the Conversion to energy has been initiated it creates an oscillations, feedback from the generated surplus energy making the Conversion of Matter To Energy this becomes self-sustaining, generating more energy than is Consumed Creating & Maintaining the Initial Rift that was Used by the Hive Intellect to Deliver the Asteroids to their final Target. At this point the electric energy output exceeds energy input if more of the magnified photon-induction energy is directed through the the Hive Minds Vast Intellect & the  Power it Possesses that is directed as a counter force to the Singular All Consuming Purpose of the Hive Mind Sending the Intellect Into an all Consuming Desire Fulfill this Purpose . After the Initial external Matter from the Asteroids Conversion to energy has been initiates the oscillations, feedback from the generated surplus energy makes the Rift a self-sustaining generator of Energy, This power is useful to Maintain the Rift & for the Further Purpose of Shielding the Hive Minds Initial  By the Rift that was Used Transport the Initial Waves that are needed by the Hive Mind to Establish a Foot Hold for the Horde to Grow & Continue to Expand its Influence Over the All Biological Life , With The Goal of the Hive to be all there is with no Other Life that may Pose a Threat to its Final Purpose.

Just A few thing that made my Hive intellect Unique.