Friday, October 31, 2014

Resent Game Pics 1

Here are a Few Shots of a Game last Week.  My Friend Squinch & I Try to game Weekly at Endgame in Oakland CA when ours Schedule Allow.   This Last Game was a Withdrawal Under Fire Mission.

The Defender (me) consisted of 5 Squads of Infantry & 2 Tanks.
The Attackers (Squinch) Started with 4 Transports (APCs) 3 with 2 Infantry Squads Each 1 with 1 Infantry Squad, 1 Tank (witch are recycled the Turn After they are Destroyed. Recycled APCs include Infantry Squads)  With Additional Units Entering Every Turn.

Defence Line

 More Enemies

 Fall Back


I will post Cards & Possibly A Battle Report if there is Interests.