Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simplified Hive Mind (Intellect) Rules for Gruntz Version 1.1 Test Rules 1

I will be Presenting a Simplified Version of Rules for a Hive Mind (Intellect) Army for Gruntz V1.1.  My Father is visiting From Panama & I wanted Simpler Rules for the Hive Mind (Intellect) as this was his second Game Using Gruntz.  These are the Basic Rules I Devised. This Post will be followed by two further posts regarding I simplify Simplified Hive Mind (Intellect) Rules.  The first of these other posts will be pregame post which will present Special rules and objectives for a Swarm Scenario in Addition to the Unit Cards & Army compositions ((TO&Es) for the forces Involved.  The second Related post will be the Battle Report for the game using the Swarm Scenario.


 Simplified Hive Mind (Intellect) 

1)  Hive Drone Squads may Have Variable Movement & Must Have Hive Ultimate Agility Ground Units Gain +2 Move  & Cost 2  Points, Flight Infantry Units Gain 6" & Cost 3 Points More (10 Move as Grav) Vehicle Specialist Cost 2 Points & Flight (Grav) Gain +1 Move if they are Armed Purely for Assault + 6 Legged (Tracked) +2 Move.  Gruntz Squads & Specialist Gain No Additional Movement if they have a Ranged Attack & receive the Base Move for their Unit Type.   Monster Always Gain a +2 Move.  All the Hive Mind Units Ignore Terrain Modifiers for movement.  Does Not Count as a Perk Or Mod But Must be Paid for at +5 Points for Squads & Specialist Unless Armed for Ranged Combat.  All Monster Have this Ability for no Additional Cost.
2)  Any Unit Armed with a Ranged Attack May Not Have a Shoot Skill Above 4 even if they are a vehicle unit with a Higher Skill.  In In addition all Ranged Weapons are Limited to 1 Class smaller (Lower) than Normally allowed Squads are Limited to Pistols, Specialist to SAWs & Monsters & vehicles 1 Class Lighter than Normal. 
3) All Units May Engage in Multi-Turns Assaults Including Vehicle Specialist & Vehicles (Vehicle units belonging to the Hive Intellect do not have to disengage from assault combat as they are all capable of fighting using their claws)  additionally they may only counter assault and may never use defensive fire when assaulted.
4) 1 Basic Unit & 1 Specialist or Vehicle Unit May Deploy out of each tunnel entrance that is on the Table We Used 2 Entrances
5)  Any Unit Without a Ranged Attack May Have Swarm Ability (Actually all these units Should Have the Swarm Perk & Mod)
6) All Models Must form into Units with like models, we used a Minimum of 4 for this game that will be reduced to 2 or 3 for monsters & possibly Specialist.  With Gruntz Squads Ranging from 4 to 18 for this game I Will be refining the Numbers After a Few More Play Tests with them.
7) All Units Must Have a Mental Stat of 11 & can Not be Affected by Suppression, But will fall Back from Assaults if they loose & fail an unmodified Mental Check
8) Army may use 2 Push Actions Per Turn but has no Commander on the Field as the Hive Mind considers  all Troops Expendable.

Simplified Hive Mind (Intellect) Further Development

A) We used a Very Large Force of Zerge Verses a Small Force of Federal Troops in a More Equally Balanced Game I will be trying out recycling the Basic Squads as troops are eliminated with Random Entry Points D6 1-2 Table Edge 1,  3-4 Table Edge 2  or 5-6 Tunnel entrances.  This has not been Tested Yet but will be at a later date
B) I will be testing Random troop deployment with each unit on a 1-3 they arrive on turn 1 from a Random Entry Point See #A.  This has not been Tested Yet but will be at a later date
Version 1 Test Pregame

Below are pictures of types of units I currently have available for my Hive Mind (Intellect) Army.  I have further two types of Zerge For the Army which I have not figured out how I want to paint yet.

 18 Zerglings (Warrior Drones)

6 Hydrolisk (Heavy Warrior Drones)

4 Hoppers ( Light Flying Drones)

8 Scourges (Flying Suicide Drones)

1 Lurker (Spider Drone)

1 Guardian (Flying Crab Drone)

1 Mutalisk (Flying Support Drone)

1 Ultralisk (Heavy Hunter Killer)