Wednesday, May 1, 2013

PreGame Hive Mind

 This Pregame post is for The test game for my Simplified Version of Rules for a Hive Mind (Intellect). It will Include The Unit Cards & Army compositions ((TO&Es) for the forces Involve in the battle.  This Post Follows My post on a Simplified Version of Rules for a Hive Mind (Intellect) Army for Gruntz V1.1.  My Father is visiting From Panama & I wanted Simpler Rules for the Hive Mind (Intellect) as this was his second Game Using Gruntz.  These Basic Rules I Devised in about 20 to 30 minutes while setting up the Unit Cards & Figures for the game. The special rules and objectives for a Swarm Scenario are very simple.   The Federal Army Is Holding a Listening Post, With Patrols out ( three on table Squads on Perimeter patrol as well is 2 Patrol forces consisting of 2 Fire teams 1 PML team & 2 Griffon APCs Off table as reserves.  Starting In turned 2 role 1D6 (+1 per to the role for each additional Turn) for each Patrol force on the role of 4+  they arrive coming in on the road that turn.  Your opponent does not know where the patrol will come in when it arrives.  Below the Unit card for each force starting with the Federal Assault Troops followed by the forces of the Hive Mind (Intellect).    Pics of Each force follow the cards.  I will also list the number of squads (Horde) and the composition of each Squad (Horde) and  breakdown Of each of the forces involved plus the total number of troops they contain.  This post will be followed by the Battle Report for the the Swarm Scenario Using my Simplified Hive Mind (Intellect) Rules.  

Federal Assault Force

Total Points of Force  (1024)

1 Federal Assault Troops Combat Coordinator
 1 Federal Assault Troops  Corpsman
  1 Federal Assault Troops 5 Man Fire Team
  10 Federal Assault Troops  4 Man Fire Team
  3 Federal Assault Troops Heavy Laser Team
 3 Federal Assault Troops Portable Missile Launcher Team
  2 Federal Assault Troops Hydra Tank
 2  Federal Assault Troops Manticore Support Tank
 5 Federal Assault Troops  Griffon Heavy APC


Hive Mind (Intellect) Zerge Horde (Swarm)

Total Points of Force  ( 2,115 )

6 Hordes x 18 Zerglings (Warrior Drones)
 4 Hordes x 6 Hydrolisk (Heavy Warrior Drones) 
3 Hordes x 4 Hoppers ( Light Flying Drones)
3 Hordes x 8 Scourges (Flying Suicide Drones)
3 Hordes x 4 Mutalisk (Flying Support Drone)
3 Hordes x 4 Guardian (Flying Crab Drone)
3 Hordes x 4 Lurker (Spider Drone)
3 Hordes x 4 Ultralisk (Heavy Hunter Killer)

Force Pictures

 Total Models Per Side

Zerge. Hive Mind (Intellect)

168 Small Drone, 26 Medium Drones, 12Heavy Drones
12 Hunter Killer Drones

108 Zerglings (Warrior Drones)
 24 Hydrolisk (Heavy Warrior Drones) 
12 Hoppers ( Light Flying Drones)
24 Scourges (Flying Suicide Drones)
12 Mutalisk (Flying Support Drone)
14 Guardian (Flying Crab Drone)
12 Lurker (Spider Drone)
12x 4 Ultralisk (Heavy Hunter Killer)

Federal Assault Troops

59 Infantry (34 Rifle men, 11 SAW Gunners, 6 Weapons Teams 3 PML/3 H Las, 1 Rifle Commander & 1 Rifle Corpsman)
4 Tanks (2 Support Tanks & 2 MBT), 5 APCs

7 Assault Troops in 1 Command Fire Team 7 Men 1 Combat Coordinator, 1  Corpsman, 4 Rifle Men, 1 SAW Specialist
40 Assault Troops in 10  Fire Team 4 Men 3 Rifle Men, 1 SAW Specialist
12 Assault Troops in 6 Weapons Teams 3 Heavy Laser Teams & 3 Portable Missile Launcher Teams 2 men each
2 Hydra Tank, 2  Manticore Support Tank, 5  Griffon Heavy APC