Sunday, May 26, 2013

Simplified Hive Mind Rules Version 1 Test Game

 This is the Battle report for the the Swarm Scenario Using my Simplified Hive Mind (Intellect) Rules.  The engagement is between The Federal Army & Hive Mind (Intellect) represented by my Zerge.  Is the third post in my series Simplified Hive Mind (Intellect) Rules.
The other 2 posts in this series are. #1 The post on a Simplified Version of Rules for a Hive Mind (Intellect) Army for Gruntz V1.1. That Explains the Rules I used & other Possible modification.
#2 The pregame post which presented The Unit Cards & Army compositions ((TO&Es) for the forces Involve in the Game.
Sorry it took so long to post but Was visiting with my father & Learning a Battle report program for the Maps at the end of the report.

Test game for my simplified Hive Mind Using  a Swarm scenario.

After action report Syrias 24 a Station

Primary base Syrias 24 reporting loss of station 2 and all assigned military and civilian forces to the construction and defense of secondary location. The following information was accumulated from the retrieval of the battle computers and cameras recovered from the location. The force which attacked the station 2 to well coordinated to be random predator and maybe a considerable threat to continuing operations planet side. The attacking force appeared to be a large migration of the indigenous wildlife on the planet some of which did not show up on sensors until they were right on top of the perimeter patrols for the construction site, and within the span of 5 min. had destroyed all three of the patrols in what appears to be a well coordinated attack. Examination of the battlefield showed 2 recently excavated tunnel entrances the troops sent in to the entrances found and intricate series of tunnels and fell back prior to contact with the enemy, as only two platoons were designated to investigate the battlefield around station 2 construction site they've been given orders to avoid contact with the enemy. I'm requesting additional military resources to protect our assets on Syrias 24 as well as investigate this threat further. .Attached is the full report.

Lieut. Col. Joseph Styles

Report Alpha 1

What appeared to be a large migration of indigenous wildlife appears to have been some sort of coordinated attack on station 2 construction site. First contact was made by the 3 perimeter security patrols at approximately 1900 hrs. within minutes all 3 perimeter security patrols had been engaged and destroyed. Only one of the 3 patrols had time to transmit a warning to the platoon commander. The following was received at 1901 hrs.”we are under attack by a large group of class I predators request immediate support.”the lieutenant in charge of the platoon immediately contacted both security Command and the two sections assigned to security for the main supply route for assistance.

The rest of the Platoon was positioned on the outer perimeter of Site 2 it appears that the indigenous wildlife of Syria 24 Continued to advance on the perimeter, like a tidal wave. Once they Hit the Platoon it was apparent that even the smaller Predators could tear through Heavy Armor as they swarmed the tanks on the east side of the Permitted.

The Troops guarding the supply routes arrived shortly before the fall of the perimeter & acquitted themselves well on the Eastern flank of the enemy.

When the North side of the formation was hit it was discovered that the Large Quadrupeds could release a burts of Plasma that whiped out the remaining infantry guarding the perimeter. The last troops on perimeter defense were a couple of heavy tanks that were eliminated by swarms of Spiders as well as fliers.

The eastern flank of the enemy recovered quickly & moved to engage the reinforcements. Eliminating all but 1 Infantry Team & Badly Damaging all the APCs.

Unable to escape the reinforcements fought to the bitter end but their deaths were in vain.

Played 3 Turns & Called the Game
Deployment Federals

Deployment Hive Intellect Horde

The Game

The Maps in Order
Turn 1
 Turn 2

 Turn 3