Friday, August 3, 2012

The UnBorn

For thousands of years they have been the serge of the galaxy Leaving death & destruction in their wake. Continuing a war that has long since been lost to all but them who only remember it as a vague impulse in the blackness of their memories. Having never been born consumed by Hate they are the destroyers of worlds. They are the Unborn & I am using the sybot from Astro Miniatures to represent my Basic infantry within the Unborn, they are perfect to represent any form of non-Biological life. The Unborn are a Race of machine with Very advance artificial intelligences who are the enemy of all Biological Life. Their Creators long dead They continue to perform the Tasks they had been created for the Total Dedication of War. They Do not have Any Fear even in death they Return again to Serve Instantly ripped from the useless form & within a Few seconds being down loaded into a new form., Even if light years from One of their Dark Arks. When this happens they bring all their Knowledge & Experience But they have Lost Much of the origin of their Beginnings. They Are Still Evolving as they absorb the Technology of all those they destroy. The basic form is as considered assault Power Armor for game purpose.

They Are Organized into Lances of 4 Troops With Medium Plasma Rifles (SAW) & Do not use Attachments for Squads.  These are my first 3 Lances Of the Unborn Death Knights I have to repaint the Eye Slit Red after my last wash I forgot to touch it up before my Last Highlight to the Models.