Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why I chose 15mm Sci-Fi

 I was away from gaming for over 5 years.  Prior to this I played a lot of Genres in a couple of scales.  Then most companies Started to become the flavor of the month gaming & all about Profit It was no longer about the hobby any more.  Firstly I understand most companies are in business to make a profit.  But It was no longer about strategy & tactics it was about making the new releases sell so it became all about who cold afford the Newest best units & a lot of gamers & even miniatures companies Started allowing or playing with unpainted models.  Part of my enjoyment of the hobby is the preparation I put into my Miniatures & seeing what other gamers have done with their miniatures.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy getting together & gaming as much as the next Guy but have never used unpainted Miniature in a game, I have however used Proxy models to represent a force I haven't finish or am considering purchasing.  I admit up until recently wee were using a friend WW2 Infantry & Tanks to simulate Sci-Fi Forces.  This is due to all the other gamers I game with having multiple gaming Interest as I used to.  So when I decided to play gruntz 15mm Sci-Fi & Hammers Slammers the Cruisable in 15mm I Purchased all of the Forces for us to Use & am Assembling & Painting them all With only a Little Advice on Modelling & Painting from every one.  I will admit I went over Board on my spending when I Started back up again & have way to much to build & paint at this Time.  I still Have to get more vehicles as I Have Nearly One Thousand 15mm Figure & Only a handful of vehicles.  I Plan to build My Forces Up as I go On, I Need Vehicle for my aliens Each with 2 Infantry Platoons Currently only 3 Forces. My AI Army 60 Infantry Cybots, 12 Spider bots, 18 Drones & 3 Grav Scouts.   Need to replace My Blower Tanks For My Slammers Still have a Foll Platoon of Combat Cars & 4 Jeeps + 24 Infantry Skimmers to Form part of each of my 2 Platoons of Infantry Will Try to get them in October or November .   Both  Tomorrow's War Forces with 50 or 60 minis each from GZG But have no Vehicles for them yet.  2 Human force From my Hammer Slammers Starter Sets By GZG but I Stole their vehicle for My Largest force Consisting of 2 Platoon Pack of each of Khurasans Red Faction & Neo-Arabs as a single force with only 2 Light Tanks 6 APCs & 9 1/2 tracks &  I need more.  My Venusian need more APCs for their 2 Platoons But are using all My GEV  Consisting of a  British Battle Force From Combat Wombat & the 4 Old Crow Models Hammers Slammers Blower Tanks except those listed above in my slammers.  My Control Battalion have no vehicles yet but 2 platoons of infantry, Space Nazies the Same.   My Khurasan Federal are using the 12 tracked vehicles I go from Combat Wombat.  I do have 20 Light & scout mechs or mech Specialist units as I am classifying them & just got 6 Micro Panzer 2 leg walker & 20 or 30 infantry. In addition I have 3 Grave Scout Cars & 1 Grav Tank from Combat Wombat. My wife was trying to help me out with this problem & ordered me 2 packs of Zod Super Tanks We didn't Know about the Pircy Issue at the time.  So I have 24 Tanks that are so small that I have decide that once I get my Main forces out of the way they will become 1/2 Tracks &/or Double tracked vehicle This will help with my vehicle situation.

I've Noticed a lack of Alien looking vehicles in 15mm Sci-Fi, but the few I have seen are really Nice.   We need more of these. 

Firstly I Love the current miniature being produced in 15mm.  Sci-Fi allows more freedom from restritions in the way of equiptment uniforms Weapons Ect.  I chose gruntz because it is not Directly affiliated with a Single miniatures brand & allows Most options I am interested in & can be easily modified to suite.  Robin is also very active in the comunity I asked a question yesterday & had an anser today on a mod to the rules.  Nothing official but He allowed me not to have to brek down the complat point system to do Something Unusial.  Finally 15mm is the last affordable scale & I can paint th miniatures even if not as well as others,  watch out I am improving quickly guys as time gose on I will constantly be improving with my modlling & painting. 

Thanks for listenning to my rant

Tim Vidlak