Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shiva MBT

I have Decided to use the Hammers Slammers Blower Tank with my Venusian Psi Marines as a Venusian Close Support Heavy Tank which the Psi Marines Have Addopted as Thier MBT.   The Venusian Imperial Army is under the direct command of the emperor & contains the Majority of the Venusians Armed Forces They Oversee all the Venusian Civil Defence Forces on home as well as all the colony worlds, The Royal Guard are drawn from its Special Operations Forces, even the Fleet Has to anser to the Imperial Armies Operations Command.  Then theres the Army itself which every Citisen must serve 6 Years in unless they are Psi Sensitive.  All Psi Sensitives are Taken in by the Psi Marines & Given 4 Years of training in the use of thier abilities then the are given the choose of serving in the Armies Psi-Operation Corps for 4 Additional Years Or Permanent Enlistment with the Psi Marines.  The Psi Marines are Independent of the Army & Answer only to The Council of the Blind as a counter point to the Emperors Rule. As such the Psi Marines are an Independent specialized Assault Force &  they have all ways had to make do with what they can get their hands on so have a limited amount of Equipment available they received the Warlock Heavy Assault Tank when the Imperial Army retired them & Reclassified it the Shiva MBT Allong with thier Scout & Medium Tank they make up the Psi Marines Armored Assault Units.  They replaced the Heavy Laser Cannons the Imperial Army used as linked Main guns with a Single A-Cannon (Anti-Matter Projector) Added A Light Vehicle Gattling Gun & Light Missile Pod, then they added a Psi Amplifier for good measure Enhancing the crews natural Abilities.  I still Have to Make a copula for the Gatling gun & add a turret mounted light Missile pod.  My fellow player have said I can use hem as is for now & add the rest when I get  chance. Old Crow Models Makes this Beast.

 The profile at the Top of the Page is for Gruntz 15mm Sci-Fi.  I Proxied the A-Cannon,  & anything that Has Psi/ in front of it is a Psi ability & doesn't need to be modeled on the vehicle.  Using he test version of the Gruntz 1.1 Barrack Application & found some Problems.  The actual Vehicle Stats are under the Perks & Notes of other fixes are also there.