Thursday, August 16, 2012

Combat Wombat Height Conversion How To

How I Did The Combat Wombat Height Conversion

First engrave a small lipped indentation around the outside edge of the vehicle using my dremal tool.

Then I cut wooden skewer sticks to the proper length for the vehicles length & width on the edges 3 sets for the APCs & 2 sets for everything else & glues them in place. After which I filed them flat with the vehicle edges using hand files & the sanding bit from my dremel tool & filled all gaps in the vehicle sides.

Finally I cut 1 more set of skewer sticks slightly larger than the vehicle edges & glue them on to create the hover skirt & covered the upper part of the conversion with thin plastic card or card stock & paint a thin layer white glue over this area & Let it dry. Last I sand the model with an emery board.

Then paint the model.